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What Should You Look For…

Physicians from many specialties successfully treat vein conditions. But first make sure you check the credentials of the doctor you plan to visit. Even though no diploma or other credential can guarantee good results in every case, you can maximize your chances if your phlebologist (vein doctor) has gone the extra mile to qualify and study for an examination, publish her personal results or otherwise contribute to the vein field.

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Tools of the Trade

Vein Trivia

Vein problems are the stepchild of vascular disease. Arteries get all the attention – after all, our brain, heart, kidneys, and all other organs depend on a continuous flow of fresh oxygen. Veins somehow don’t seem as important (unless, of course, you have the problem). Veins are actually more complicated than arteries because they are more difficult to understand and definitely more difficult to operate on. And that challenge may be why I am continually fascinated with them. The following very limited selection of vein trivia and oddities may be of some interest.

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Do you have questions about the services that we offer? Below is a list of frequently asked questions, but feel free to call our office if you need additional information. We are always pleased to assist you.

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