Blue Veins Near Your Eyes

  • Posted on: May 19 2016

Around age 50 many women develop prominent blue veins beneath and alongside the eyes. These veins age and considerably distress many women, especially here in the heart of the entertainment industry. Most dermatologists, plastic surgeons, and oculoplastic (eyelid) surgeons do not know that injecting these veins is both effective and safe. As a result, these physicians typically try to hide the veins with fillers, if they do anything at all. Filler looks quite strange and, of course, repeated treatment is necessary. Certain smaller veins may respond to a laser, but the results are inconsistent.

Injections directly into the veins are a one-time treatment and permanently eliminate them. Women are justifiably concerned about the risk of blindness or stroke, but injecting these particular veins is no riskier than treating leg veins. That cannot be said for treating veins on the forehead.

You should also know that bruising and swelling is common, but you may apply makeup immediately after treatment. The bruising and swelling recede quickly over the next week to ten days.  I have long experience injecting veins near eyes and my patients are usually ecstatic.

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