Posts From May, 2016

Blue Veins Near Your Eyes

Around age 50 many women develop prominent blue veins beneath and alongside the eyes. These veins age and considerably distress many women, especially here in the heart of the entertainment industry. Most dermatologists, plastic surgeons, and oculoplastic (eyelid) surgeons do not know that injecting these veins is both effective and safe. As a result, these… Read More »

  • Posted on: May 19 2016

Is glue (VenaSeal) the best way to shut down the saphenous vein?

For the past fifteen years, lasers and radiofrequency catheters have competed to dominate the market for shutting down the saphenous vein, which is the most important step in treating varicose veins. These techniques mercifully eliminated vein “stripping”, which required a visit to the hospital for general anesthesia. The only drawback to these techniques has been… Read More »

  • Posted on: May 19 2016

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