Dear Patient,
On March 1, 2018 I closed my office after serving our community for 42 years. I will dearly miss the many friends I have made over the years, but it was always my intention to retire at the top of my game. I will enjoy grandchildren, travel, piano, writing, and a myriad of other interests. The following issues may be of interest to you:

  • I made the decision to retire only recently, so I truly regret that I have been unable to identify a single individual with the skills, experience and integrity you deserve, although I am sure such individuals exist. I will continue looking. I suggest you check with your primary care physician, family and friends for possible referrals. UCLA has a certified vein clinic. Local hospitals, such as Cedars-Sinai and St. John’s have a referral service. The Los Angeles County Medical Association also has a referral service.
  • I am leaving my website content available for both old and new patients. I believe the pages and blogs contain valuable information about current approaches to vein disorders, medical ethics and related issues.
  • You may wish to have a copy of your medical records, but before you make that request, please consider the following. The most common question my patients ask about my treatment is what I used to inject their veins (sclerotherapy). In all instances I used 1/6 sodium tetradecyl sulfate (Sotradecol) as a liquid for small spider veins and as a foam for larger deeper blue/green veins. I never used polidocanol (Asclera) or saline.
  • You should also know that in my vein practice (the past fifteen years) I never needed to ask for another treating physician’s medical records. The reason is simple. The records would not in any way change what I would do for you going forward. I always had to address the issue you presented to me when I first evaluated you, and what went before was irrelevant. Before you ask for your records, I suggest you ask your treating physician if he/she really needs the record of what I did previously.
  • Of course, if you do need your records, please send me this completed, signed form either by fax: (310) 286-0492, mail: 324 South Beverly Drive, Suite 553, Beverly Hills, CA 90212, or email: [email protected] California law states that your request must be in writing and signed by you.
  • You may leave a voice message for me at (310) 286-0453.

Wayne Gradman, MD

Dr. Gradman offered the following procedures:

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