Cosmetic and Symptomatic Vein Treatment in Southern California

Dr. Wayne Gradman established the Beverly Hills Vein Center in Century City, Los Angeles to bring the very best minimally invasive treatments in medicine to patients with varicose and spider veins.

Treatment of leg vein disorders has changed for the better dramatically in the past few years. Elegant new technologies in phlebology allow one to remove troublesome surface veins, eliminated vein “stripping”, and have enabled one to no longer require large incisions during vascular surgery. These improved advancements result in fewer or no incisions by the surgeon, no need for an anesthesiologist, and a more rapid recovery time before resuming normal activities at or outside of the home.

The art of getting you into shorts

The Beverly Hills Vein Center offers the following vascular procedures at our practice:

In the News

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      Before 2009 when I transitioned my medical practice from vascular surgery to specializing only in vein disorders, the most gratifying operation I did was to make it possible for small children to have kidney dialysis, without which they would not long survive. It was my good fortune to develop innovative techniques for operating on...  Read More

  • Why a second opinion might surprise you

    Patients often request a second opinion about recommended vein treatment. About once a month, however, I disagree completely with the recommendations of the first physician because I cannot confirm the original ultrasound findings.  A typical story is that the patient hears an ad on native language radio (e.g. Spanish, Farsi, Korean) and responds to an...  Read More

  • More on Hand and Forearm Veins

    Our patients frequently request in-depth information about specific vein disorders even before we actually see them. Most (but not all) concern cosmetic issues. The Beverly Hills Vein Center web-site introduces the basics, but the demand for more information is insatiable. So the time has come to start a Blog to provide more information about selected...  Read More